“My 9 year old son was often the target of bullying and had many negative experiences in school. By third grade he had difficulty managing frustrations, stress and overwhelming emotions and began hurting himself through self hitting and negative self talk. We had sought out traditional child psychologists for behavioral therapy and saw little progress. Michal, a practitioner of Feldenkrais and the Anat Baniel Method, helped my son manage his emotions, coordinate his thoughts, movements and decisions, and open up a pathway for unobstructed learning. Michal's warmth and tenderness built a deep bond with my son. She focused on his abilities and talents and taught my son how to harness his strengths through a combination of movement, mindfulness, and empowerment. Michal's ability to recognize the body and mind's subtle and beautiful ways to overcome obstacles has helped my son go from a child who doctors wanted to medicate to a child who can maturely manage his emotions, calm himself down, and see himself through difficult situations with positive self talk. I have seen him transform into a happy, emotionally healthy child. Michal saw potential and hope where other therapists and doctors saw problems and a need for medication. I am so grateful to have my beautiful, amazing, unique son back with all of his smiles and Michal is an integral part of that. She is truly gifted at what she does” - K.D. (full name not used to protect the privacy of the child)
“My husband says I am a different person since I started work with Michal. The heaviness from inside has lifted. Thank you, Michal, for all the insights!” - M.N.
“Michal's refreshing intellectual and creative style, interlaced with a fine sense of humor, makes her classes extremely gratifying.” - Viktoria Vercelletto, Feldenkrais Practitioner.
“Michal is a truly gifted practitioner - intuitive, sensitive, profound. I am in awe of, and am grateful for the awareness I have gained in her hands. She is a master of her craft.” - Karen Murphy, Hellerwork Practitioner.