About FeldenkraisĀ®

The Feldenkrais MethodĀ® of somatic awareness is a revolutionary approach to improving both physical and mental functioning. Through unique, enjoyable movements (in group classes) and gentle touch (in one-to-one sessions) you are guided to detect unnecessary tension and excess effort. You learn new ways to move and relate to yourself, thus getting free from unhealthy patterns that cause or maintain the problem.

Freedom of movement is essential for life and health, and reflects freedom of thought and feeling. Problem in one area affects the entire system, thus learning to use more of you in every function improves the function.

Founded in the 1940s by Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc., and martial artist, in response to his own crippling injury, the method involves innovative movement explorations done with curiosity and with non-judgmental attention to oneself. This creates a relaxed, meditative state in which change can happen. The movements stimulate brain/mind functioning as well as physical coordination, flexibility and strength. Slow, easy movements often lead to complex, active ones, which can be performed with ease and simplicity. The method has helped thousands of people around the world to overcome pain and movement limitations and achieve outstanding performance.

About Process Oriented Psychology

Process Oriented Psychology was developed in the mid 1970s by the physicist and Jungian analyst Arnold Mindell. Drawing upon Jungian psychology, Taoist philosophy and quantum physics, this is a holistic approach, which sees all our disturbances, including physical symptoms, as meaningful and purposeful. They can be used as doorways to discover unknown, often unaccepted, aspects of ourselves.

In the process of growing up we discard many parts of ourselves in order to be loved, accepted, or just to survive trauma and abuse. Consequently we develop core beliefs about who we are and how we can feel, think and behave. Those disavowed aspects often act out in self destructive ways, such as physical symptoms and illnesses, recurring accidents, relationship problems or feeling stuck in a dead-end track.

Process Oriented Psychology, with its innovative techniques, helps us uncover, accept and integrate those unacknowledged aspects so we become more whole, and can live more fully.

Often surprising creative solutions are found to feeling stuck, inner conflicts, relationship problems, and other challenges.